Welcome to the Halton Council Map website

Bespoke Street Maps have recently supplied accurate Ordnance Survey based, council approved, detailed area maps to and on behalf of Halton Borough Council. The hard copy versions of Borough Area Maps have been supplied in a quantity of 5000 plus the Town Centre Map Pads covering the 3 Town Centres of Runcorn, Halton Lea and Widnes have been supplied for distribution throughout the Borough in a quantity of 20,000.  Hard copy versions are available from any one of the three Direct Link One Stop Shop outlets throughout the Borough, inspected accommodation, libraries within the district, leisure centres, attractions and shopping centres.

If you are going to be one of the  tens of thousands of visitors to the Borough each year, pop into one of the following Direct Link outlets for copy of an area map or a detailed Town Centre Map.  You can find The One Stop Shops at:

Halton LeaConcourse Level
Rutland House
Halton Lea
RuncornChurch Street
Widnes7 Brook Street

Or call Halton Direct Link Contact Centre, service available 24 hours on 0303 333 4300

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Enjoy Halton!!!!!!!!!!!